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El buen Humor por las tardes esta aqui, Escucha a Jose Ramon San Cristobal y Eduardo Videgaray en La Corneta de Lunes a Viernes de 2 pm a 3 pm.

This pair of irreverent and fun drivers, already well known in the media, presents the information of what is happening in the world from his particular point of view, here there is no room for bad news.


Driver, Mexican broadcaster and Actor

Born the: July 16

Location: Mexico, D.F.

Speaks English, Spanish and French.

Eduardo calculated the degree course in communication sciences and film direction.

Eduardo has led several competitions of beauty in Mexico, doing simultaneous translation of the being his career as a radio announcer for WFM Radio, where he worked alongside Jorge "El Burro" Van Rankin, Esteban Arce, José Ramón San Cristóbal and Charo Fernandez.posteriormente worked as a conductor in Tele-hit, Torpedo Films, before working as a driver on Channel 5. On television he has made commercial as the store's furniture and appliances K2 and currently brothers Vázquez. In 2002 he left channel Tele-hit.

2003 Eduadro Videgaray works alongside José Ramón San Cristóbal and Yuriria Sierra on TV planet 3 programmer, which airs Sunday.

2004 February, Juan José Origel driver announced on his radio show that the conductor Eduardo Videgaray shall enter on the reality Show Big Brother VIP, so you are already seeking a substitute for its program on planet 3, and the telejuegos in which it participates.

In the year during the month of March Eduardo Videgaray is one of the members of the House of Big Brother VIP 3, where stands the main award.

José Ramón San Cristóbal, better known as 'El Estaca', is conductor and broadcaster of radio and television

José Ramón San Cristóbal, better known as 'El Estaca', born in 1969 in Mexico DF. He ventured as conductor at the 2004 planet 3 to vest in that same year participated in the reality show Big Brother VIP.

Since 4 years lashing with Esteban Arce program “Matutino Express”; in 2009 he inaugurated in conjunction with Eduardo Videgaray Saturday show “Resbalón” and they currently go for its second seasonuring this World Cup, he led program the skysports.com which was transmitted only by Internet.

The third season of slip and ''El Estaca' ' are ready to take you to another level of fun.








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